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Знание английского данным тестом определяется исходя из уровней владения языком:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • Advanced
Инструкция к прохождению теста
Для верного определения Вашего уровня знания следуйте, пожалуйста, следующим рекомендациям:
  • Если Вы не уверены в правильности ответа, пропустите вопрос;
  • Приступайте ко второй части теста, если Вы уверенно ответили на вопросы первой части, если нет, то пропустите вторую часть и нажмите кнопку "Получить результат теста".
  • Part 1

    Questions 1 - 5
    • Where can you see these notices?
    • for question 1 to 5 click the right variant

    1. please leave your room key at reception
    in a shop   in a hotel   in a taxi

    2. Foreign money changed here
    in a library   in a bank   in a police station

    outside a theatre   outside a supermarket   outside a restaurant

    Lessons start again on 8th January
    at a travel agent's   at a music school   at a restaurant

    5. Price per night:
    $10 a tent
    $5 a person
    at a cinema   in a hotel   at a camp-site

    Questions 6 - 10
    • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the text below.
    • For question 6 to 10, click the right variant.

    Scotland is the north part of the island of Great Britain. The Atlantic Ocean is on the west and the North Sea on the east. Some people (6)________ Scotland speak a different language called Gaelic.
    There are (7)________ five million people in Scotland, and Edinburgh is (8)________ most famous city.
    Scotland has many mountains; the highest one is called 'Ben Nevis'. In the south of Scotland, there are a lot of sheep. A long time ago, there (9)______ many forests, but now there are only a (10)______.
    Scotland is only a small country, but it is quite beautiful.

    on   in   at

    about   between   among

    his   your   its

    is   were   was

    few   little   lot

    Questions 11 - 15
    • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the texts.
    • For questions 11 to 15, click the right variant.

    Alice Guy Blache
    Alice Guy Blache was the first female film director. She first became involved in cinema whilst working for the Gaumont Film Company in the late 1890s. This was a period of great change in the cinema and Alice was the first to use many new inventions, (11)_________ sound and colour.
    In 1907 Alice (12)___________ to New York where she started her own film company. She was (13)_____________ successful, but, when Hollywood became the centre of the film world, the best days of the independent New York film companies were (14)___________ . When Alice died in 1968, hardly anybody (15)__________ her name.

    bringing   including   containing   supporting

    moved   ran   entered   transported

    next   once   immediately   recently

    after   down   behind   over

    remembered   realised   reminded   repeat

    Questions 16 - 20
    • In this section you must choose the word which best fits each space in the texts.
    • For questions 16 to 20, click the right variant.

    UFOs - do they exist?
    UFO is short for 'unidentified flying object'. UFOs are popularly known as flying saucers, (16)__________ that is often the (17)__________ they are reported to be. The (18)_____________ "flying saucers" were seen in 1947 by an American pilot, but experts who studied his claim decided it had been a trick of the light.
    Even people experienced at watching the sky, (19)___________ as pilots, report seeing UFOs.
    In 1978 a pilot reported a collection of UFOs off the coast of New Zealand. A television (20)_____________ went up with the pilot and filmed the UFOs. Scientists studying this phenomenon later discovered that in this case they were simply lights on boats out fishing.

    because   therefore   although   so

    look   shape   size   type

    last   next   first   oldest

    like   that   so   such

    cameraman   director   actor   announcer

    Questions 21 - 40
    • In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.
    • For questions 21 to 40, click the right variant.

    21.The teacher encouraged her students ______ to an English pen-friend.
    should write   write   wrote   to write

    22.They spent a lot of time______ at the pictures in the museum.
    looking   for looking   to look  to looking

    23.Shirley enjoys science lessons, but all her experiments seem to _______ wrong.
    turn   come   end   go

    24.______ from Michael, all the group arrived on time.
    Except   Other   Besides   Apart

    25.She_______ her neighbour's children for the broken window.
    accused   complained   blamed   denied

    26.As I had missed the history lesson, my friend went _______ the homework with me.
    by   after   over   on

    27.Whether she's a good actress or not is a _______ of opinion.
    matter   subject   point   case

    28.The decorated roof of the ancient palace was _______ up by four thin columns.
    built   carried   held   supported

    29.Would it ______ you if we came on Thursday?
    agree   suit   like   fit

    30.This form _______ be handed in until the end of the week.
    doesn`t need   doesn`t have   needn`t   hasn`t got

    31.If you make a mistake when you are writing, just _______ it out with your pen.
    cross   clear   do   wipe

    32.Although our opinions on many things _______ , we're good friends.
    differ   oppose   disagree   divide

    33.This product must be eaten ________ two days of purchase.
    by   before   within   under

    34.The newspaper report contained ________ important information.
    many   another   an   a lot of

    35.Have you considered _______ to London?
    move   to move   to be moving   moving

    36.It can be a good idea for people who lead an active life to increase their ________ of vitamins.
    upturn   input   upkeep   intake

    37.I thought there was a ______ of jealousy in his reaction to my good fortune.
    piece   part   shadow   touch

    38.Why didn't you________ that you were feeling ill?
    advise   mention   remark   tell

    39.James was not sure exactly where his best interests _________ .
    stood   rested   lay   centred

    40.He's still getting __________ the shock of losing his job.
    across   by   over   through

    Part 2

    Questions 41 - 50
    • In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best fits each space in the texts.
    • For questions 41 to 50, click the right variant.

    The tallest buildings - SKYSCRAPERS
    Nowadays, skyscrapers can be found in most major cities of the world. A building which was many (41)_______ high was first called a skyscraper in the United States at the end of the 19th century, and New York has perhaps the (42) ________ skyscraper of them all, the Empire State Building. The (43) ________ beneath the streets of New York is rock, (44) ________ enough to take the heaviest load without sinking, and is therefore well-suited to bearing the (45) _______ of tall buildings.

    stages   steps   storeys   levels

    first-rate   top-class   well-built   best-known

    dirt   field   ground   soil

    hard   stiff   forceful   powerful

    weight   height   size   scale

    Scrabble is the world's most popular word game. For its origins, we have to go back to the 1930s in the USA, when Alfred Butts, an architect, found himself out of (46) _______ He decided that there was a (47)________ for a board game based on words and (48) _______ to design one. Eventually he made a (49) _______ from it, in spite of the fact that his original (50)_________ was only three cents a game.

    earning   work   income   job

    market   purchase   commerce   sale

    took up   set out   made for   got round

    wealth   fund   cash   fortune

    receipt   benefit   profit   allowance

    Questions 51 - 60
    • In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.
    • For questions 51 to 60, click the right variant.

    51.Roger's manager _______ to make him stay late if he hadn't finished the work.
    insisted   warned   threatened   announced

    52.By the time he has finished his week's work, John has hardly _______ energy left for the weekend.
    any   much   no   same

    53.As the game __________ to a close, disappointed spectators started to leave.
    led   neared   approached   drew

    54.I don't remember _________ the front door when I left home this morning.
    to lock   locking   locked   to have locked

    55.I ______ to other people borrowing my books: they always forget to return them.
    disagree   avoid   dislike   object

    56.Andrew's attempts to get into the swimming team have not_________ with much success.
    associated   concluded   joined   met

    57.Although Harry had obviously read the newspaper article carefully, he didn't seem to have_______ the main point.
    grasped   clutched   clasped   gripped

    58.A lot of the views put forward in the documentary were open to____________.
    enquiry   query   question   wonder

    59.The new college _______ for the needs of students with a variety of learning backgrounds.
    deals   supplies   furnishes   caters

    60.I find the times of English meals very strange - I'm not used _________ dinner at 6pm.
    to have   to having   having   have

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